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Rai3 Di Mare Director Kiss Vides: “The artist has juggled facts”

AGI – Fedez-Rai’s case in Concertone “made a lot of noise” but it was a story “based mainly on the manipulation of facts, which in the intentions of those who engineered it should have shown a kind of censorship by Rai against an artist, censorship that did not exist.” This is how Franco Di Mare, director of Rai3, defends himself in his opening remarks at the hearing before the supervisory committee convened to clarify Fidesz’s public complaint regarding a phone call in which an interlocutor speaking on behalf of Ray asked the artist to review the monologue content. Di Mare: Rai didn’t censor anyone, Fedes manipulated After that, Rai3’s deputy director, Ilaria Capitani, interfered with the phone call, saying she considered the monologue content inappropriate. Di Mare argued that “the public service has lost its credibility and that it has led to many attachments that I consider to be too hasty”. “Rai didn’t ask for anything, and it’s wrong to say the opposite.” No one asked Phides the text in advance. It was the artist’s “manipulation” and then immediately saw “everyone stalking them,” all of them “false victims” and without the slightest verification. The director of Rai 3 explained that the evaluation of the content “is delegated directly to the production, and the contract stipulates that. The texts are delivered, and this is configured as a responsibility, a duty.” He added that the text “could have been requested,” also referring to the content of the email response of Deputy Director Ilaria Capitane to the organizers – who, as Di Mare says, “bear editorial responsibility under the contract” – who did not consider it appropriate in the current context of that content. The phone call with the artist “Does Bonelli (Massimo, president of the company organizing the Concertone event, editor), Ilaria Capitani does not follow the first part of the phone call, she is not in the room and cannot record the call and approaches when he realizes that the artist is raising the tones of his voice. He does so when The artist says, probably – and I want to say it again kindly – causing confusion about who the interlocutor is, “You in public service have the power to censor whoever you want, Capitani approaches and explains that the company is under suspicion in a libelous way.” He then handed DiMary over to The commission had the full transcript of the phone call and highlighted that what Fedez had announced was incomplete, meaning that the artist “cut off some passages,” especially those in which Capitani says that rai does not make them. No censorship. Instead it leaves only the part that says “I don’t think it is appropriate in this context.” “The interview is edited by moving questions and answers, and entering questions where none exist, so the interview takes a different tone from that of the audience so far. What Vides has posted is not even a summary, it is manipulation.” Then the Rai3 manager quotes the definition of “manipulation” that he made. Devoto Oli and Treccani, i.e. intrigue, fraud, and most commonly tendentious paraphrase. From reality. Rai 3 director spree, crucified “We ended up on international sites, even in Singapore, it’s a fraud, manipulation,” De Marie commented, adding that “in some countries manipulation is a criminal offense. The novel of that day has been“ distorted, ”he said again, And “everyone is running to save the singer who screams under non-existent censorship, which no one has done before. Unfortunately, no one takes the time for careful verification. But all the victims of the lie are, at best, victims of a modified truth that becomes a reality for everyone for 48 hours. We, Ray, were crucified and found guilty even before Phides took the podium … but could that be remedied, after we ended up in sites all over the world? I hope so, but I’m not fooling myself because the damage is immense, the lie runs faster than the truth. Who will pay for it? Ilaria Capitani and the others expected an apology that I’m sure will never come. How do you fall into a network of manipulation? Rai3’s director hopes that “a lesson will come out of this falsehood story, something positive.” However, the announcement on the Supervisory Board has turned into Ray’s echo about the manipulation that Vides had allegedly done to the contents of the rapper’s phone call with the organizers, and in part. With the deputy director of the Ilaria Capitani network, on the eve of the Concertone party on May 1. Committee members asked Boomerang de Mare why he and the company of Viale Mazzini had not immediately reported the manipulation that was said to have been carried out by the singer to the prosecutor’s office or to other authorities, which means The implication was that the Public Service was running an alleged attempt to censor his planned monologue from Concertone. Finally, the chair of the Vigilanz committee would renew the request to Rai CEO, Fabrizio Salini, to present a copy of the contract between Rai and the organizers of the May Day party. Alberto Paracini himself announced this at the start of the Di Mare hearing devoted to the Fidesz case. The President said he would assess “whether it is necessary to prepare any appropriate and necessary investigation,” and stated that a copy had been sent to the Commission and this “clarified the problem of contract outsourcing, which the other must have. Manually, the opinion must deal with it, especially in the case of certain events. “

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