SMS at lunchtime for web scam, shortage of thousands of euros

Viadana – “Unfortunately I confirm that your account shows expenses of 1300 EUR Carried out a few minutes ago in a store in Monza ». A blow to the credit card holder who ended up having codes A gang of online scammers. on Friday At least five savers, all with accounts at the same credit institution in the city, fell into the trap via the web. In one case, the deficit may reach three thousand euros. The technique is the same.

Lunchtime scam

About one o’clock – says one of the victims – I apparently received a text from my bank Which indicates to me that the rules of procedure have noticed that strangers are “looking” at my bill. The message continued: If not, click on the following link.. Which unfortunately I did because everything seemed real. A screen appeared asking for my credit card information that I provided. at that point I received an OTP code, followed by a phone call from someone who confirmed the abnormal “presence” in my account for unidentified connections. However, I understood that this alleged bank official was embarrassed because he kept repeating “the aspects I check, the aspects I check” without specifying if there are any shortages. Eventually, I feared that I would be scammed and hung up. I immediately called my bank, but since it was lunchtime the branch was closed and no one could answer.”

bad discovery

Therefore, the unfortunate Fiadani current account holder has She called the toll-free number to block her credit card and at that moment she received the bad news that she had been robbed.. “Unfortunately, madam, we see the cost of 1,300 euros in a sports shop in Brianza. It turns out that whoever spent this money was in possession of his credentials.” A strong blow to suck it up. At that point, all that was left was to notify the branch. Waiting for the reopening time, she asked for information on what had happened to her. “When I spoke to the employee, she yelled, “You too? Today is already the fourth to call.” And I realized that there was a real attack on banking clients. I was advised to go to the carabinieri for the report but with little hope of recovering what was illegally stolen from me. I also called the number from which the call came from that so-called bank: it was toll-free but obviously no one answered.”

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complex investigations

There are many difficulties in tracing the perpetrators These organizations are turning to increasingly sophisticated technologies to avoid identification. Moreover, the truth remains the same It was the same account holder who provided all the confidential information on her credit card Fill out the form that appeared after clicking on the “pirate” link. “It is right, however, to state the cause of these pitfalls Many people like me can fall into the trap» Ruling on cheating.

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