UK, here’s the new frontier for sustainable alcoholism: a recyclable cardboard vodka bottle

Combining latent alcoholism with climatic activity has never been easier: a British distillery produced “packed” vodka in cartons.

Want a little elbow bump (knowingly, mind you – we’re big fans of moderate consumption) but the concern for the health of the planet is pretty strong? No problem – now you can satisfy your underlying alcohol addiction and suppress guilt with just one drink. We’re referring to Green Man Spirits’ latest innovation, part of the UK Silent Pool Distillers: vodka Contained in the “bottle” made in Cardboard recyclable.

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Our protagonist is called Green Man Wildwood VodkaIn fact, it aims to become an icon and pioneer of a new era of “sustainable packaging for alcoholic beverages”. strong of one carbon traces 83% less than a regular bottle, every online purchase of this very special vodka – which has sweet woody notes – will help strengthen the partnership with tree nation An association aimed at planting trees to combat climate change: customers will be able to choose the type and location of their tree planting, and Silent Pool will take care of planting it on their own. Green Man Vodka also participates in sustainable initiatives such as the Back to Pack Program and collaborates with local producers such as beekeepers and lavender growers in order to reduce transportation fuel consumption.

“We are fully aware that this is just a small step in the right direction,” he commented. Ryan Billington Marketing Director of Silent Pool Distillers. “However, this is what we feel we have to do to pave the way for others and put ourselves at the forefront of change within the category of lives.”

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