United States, at the age of eleven, he interviews Obama in the White House: Matt Damon Weaver of natural causes

Damon Weaver He was only 11 years old when he entered White House Nothing other than interviewing Barack Obama, The first African-American president in history. He was also African American and became a young star on social media. Last May 1 a 23 yearsAs you know from his family’s Al Madina newspaper, Palm Beach Post. He died of natural causes, his sister explains, and so far no further details have been leaked.

Interview him with Obama It dates back to August 13, 2009 and lasts about ten minutes, and is still visible in Youtube. “The experience changed his life,” his sister always says, explaining Damon He was studying communication in Albany State University, at Georgia. In the chat with the president, we talked about the school and about bullyBasketball and much more. “Can I be his friend?” Biden He has already agreed, “the last words he addressed to her Obama“Of course!” He answered with a broad smile.

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