Bill Gates: “I’ll explain why we should eat artificial meat”

Rich countries around the world should only eat artificial beef to combat the climate crisis. This was stated by Bill Gates in an interview with the magazine MIT Technology Review, Convinced that the issue of carbon dioxide emissions from the agricultural sector, particularly from livestock, is one of the most important fronts in the fight against climate change. “I don’t think the poorest 80 countries in the world will eat synthetic beef, but I do think that all rich countries should switch to eating it.”

In the interview, which actually retraces several phases of his new book, How to Avoid Climate Catastrophe, Gates identifies what is really needed to eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions that determine climate change. The co-founder of Microsoft says he is extremely concerned about the future of our planet, which is increasingly threatened by climate change and in which intensive agriculture contributes to the food chain. That’s why he stresses that changing our eating habits will be important. I don’t think the poorest 80 countries will eat artificial meat. I think all rich countries should switch to 100% artificial beef.

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