Pegasus, “More than 300 are guarded by Urban.” Von der Leyen: If this is true it is not acceptable-

The head of the commission said: “Prove the facts.” Eleven countries would have used Israeli software: There is also Saudi Arabia. Countries involved: all false

Angry reactions are everywhere. Pegasus caseThe press investigation conducted by 16 newspapers Linked to NGOs For forbidden stories AI, which got its name from Israeli software from NSO used Illegally by many governments around the world, Including Hungary in the European Union Spying on thousands of journalistsHuman rights activists, politicians, and religious references provoked a reaction of condemnation. For the President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, “This must be checked, but if so, it is completely unacceptable. It would be against any rule: Freedom of the press is one of the core values ​​of the European Union. It would be totally unacceptable if that were the case.”

“Illiberal democracy” by Viktor Orban is among the 11 participating countries: ASaudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mexico, Rwanda and Togo. Oltre ai giornalisti Szabolcs Panyi e András Szabó della testata Direct 36, who is also part of the investigation team, which has already been spied on, ended up on the list, Janos Bante, president of the Hungarian Bar Association along with ten other lawyers, and Jerje Gémési, the opposition mayor of the town of Godol, Zoltan Varga, owner of Central Media Group and expert Economist Attila Chikán, former minister of Viktor Orbán’s first government and now a critical vote against the Hungarian leader. The son and confidant of the former oligarch Lajos Simekska. The Washington Post, who was involved in the investigation, reported that more than 300 Hungarian phone numbers, linked to journalists, lawyers, businessmen and activists, appeared in the list that included numbers chosen for monitoring by NSO agents, but it is not clear which numbers were actually spied on. On. Hungarian opposition deputies called for a parliamentary investigation. The government denies any involvement. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szyjjarto said that “the government is not aware of this type of data collection,” adding that “no cooperation has been established with the Israeli intelligence services.” If Budapest’s involvement is confirmed, it would be another very dangerous episode of disrespect for the rule of law. But a commission spokesperson made it clear that the monitoring mission is not in Brussels: “national authorities – he said – have a duty to monitor privacy rights and media freedom.” Today, the Commission presents its annual report on the rule of law in the European Union, and Hungary and Poland will be among the special observers.

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New details also emerged about Mexico, Rwanda and India. The guardian It reported that 50 people close to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, including his wife and children, and Karen Kanimba, the daughter of Paul Russabagina, the imprisoned Rwandan activist who inspired the movie “Hotel Rwanda.” Also on the list is Rahul Gandhi, the main political rival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The concerned countries are calling themselves. Morocco described the information that came out of the investigation as “false.” India also denied any involvement.

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