UK: Vegan advertising campaign disgusts animal rights activists

A vegan ad broadcast in the UK sparked a lot of discussion about both those who eat meat and those who are actually vegetarians.

A bored couple on the couch decides to order pulled pork from a delivery app, and the delivery guy who delivers a live pig with a cleaver so the two can… well, complete the task. In short, it is the content of the campaign announcement From the botanical group kingdom United Viva! , which has succeeded in the arduous task of disgusting both those who eat meat and those who are already on a diet vegetarian or vegetarian.

UK vegetable ads (1)

And since accuracy isn’t Viva’s strong point! , can’t miss the spot a cute big dog that starts screaming at the sight of the pig. A dog that, of course, is spoiled and loved by the spouses to emphasize their hypocrisy. As mentioned, not even those on a meat-free diet were enthusiastic about the proposed message: “What is this ad?” Twitter user writes. “I’m a vegetarian, but showing a pig with a cleaver is really disgusting.”

For its part, the Viva Association argues! That the ad was intentionally controversial so that it could have a huge impact on as many people as possible. The founder explained: “Most people in the UK despise cruelty to animals, but they don’t associate cruelty to animals with what’s on their plate.” JULIET Gelatly. “If we can encourage people to think about what they are consuming, at a time when many plant-based alternatives are widely available, we can play a role, nationwide, in helping to change mindsets and save animals.”

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