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Mario Diani, new president of Euricse (21/06/2022)

will be the professor Mario Diani To lead Euricse as president for the next four years. He was elected today by the body of founding members on the proposal of the President of the University of Trento, as required by the statutes. It is this mandate that opens, on the one hand, a new stage in the life of the enterprise, and on the other hand a natural continuation of what has been created so far.

Mario Diani is world-renowned for his applications of network analysis to the study of collective action and his studies of social movements. He has conducted research on ecology, national ethnicity, associations and social capital in Italy, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. His works have appeared in prestigious international venues. For two consecutive terms he was Director of the Department of Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento. Professor Diani has already collaborated with the Institute on various fronts, not only as a member of the management committee, but also as part of the editorial team of JEOD, the international scientific journal published by Euricse.

“With Mario Diani we have known and appreciated each other for a long time – he said Carlo Borzaga As a member of the Euricse Management Committee, Mario has had the opportunity in recent years to learn about the Institute, its organization and the research and training activities in which he is involved. Also thanks to the fact that in recent years we have shared many ideas on topics we are passionate about, I am sure of the professor’s research interests and skills. Diani albeit partially different from mine – also for disciplinary reasons – is complementary to that of Euricse. Precisely because of this combination of diversity and complementarity, I am sure that his presidency will allow to ensure and promote the scientific independence and methodological rigor, as well as the research areas of Euricse. Fields, hitherto, which have been dealt with separately, but after recent developments in scientific thinking and policy choices are increasingly being included within the framework of the more general concept of social economics, and thus fall entirely within the task of Euricse as it stands. It has evolved in recent years. An expansion is necessary not only to address new social, economic and environmental problems, but also to engage the 25 competent researchers working on and for Euricse in different ways. So I entrust ‘my’ Euricse in good hands.

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for his part Mario Diani He expressed his willingness to commit to strengthening Euricse’s strengths, the bond with its shareholders and founding members, and strengthening its position: “Replacing Carlo Borzaga as President of Euricse would be very demanding and relatively simple. Very demanding, as there are not many personalities who combine an important presence in the scientific debate National and international with very strong roots in a particular regional reality.Relatively simple, as Borzaga’s work over the years has created a highly competent team from the point of view of research, training and management perspectives.I intend to work closely with the Secretary General Gianluca Salvatore and with the manager Riccardo Bodini To enable researchers and all collaborators to express themselves at their best. I will pay particular attention to expanding the Institute’s research into areas that have been relatively little explored, such as organizations active in the cultural sector, and the relationship between social economy and other forms of civil society participation.”

Carlo Borzaga, who had already informed at the beginning of this mandate of his intention not to continue in the position of senior management, was sincerely thanked by all present for the great commitment and competence that he has shown during his many years of tenure. These factors allowed the institution to strengthen itself economically and to establish well-organized cooperative relationships with national and international associations and networks.

As a scientific and institutional partner, Euricse, under Borzaga’s presidency, has overseen projects of strategic importance on behalf of international organizations such as the European Commission and Parliament, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations (UN), the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations (FAO). At the national level, recent years have witnessed the birth of a fruitful cooperation with ISTAT to produce the first official reports on cooperation and social economy, and dialogue with the government has also begun through participation in ministerial working groups on a topic. Social economy.

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About Mario Diani (Shipping until 2026)

Mario Diani Born in 1957. Studied at the University of Milan where he graduated in Political Science in 1982 and at the University of Turin where he received his Ph.D. in Sociology in 1987. Professor of General Sociology in Trento since 2001, was Dean of the Faculty of Sociology in the triennial 2005-2008 and Director of the Department of Sociology and Social Research from 2015-2021. Previously he taught at Bocconi University in Milan (1988-1993), the University of Pavia (1993-1996) and the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where between 1996 and 2001 he was Head of Sociology in the Department of Government, one of the most prestigious centers of political research in Europe, and was Also its manager. In 2010-2012 he was Professor of ICREA Research at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. The results of his collective studies have appeared in leading publishing houses and journals including Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, American Journal of Sociology, and American Journal of Sociology. A recent study at Stanford University listed him among the 200 most influential sociologists in international literature over the past 30 years.

Pictured is Carlo Borzaga with Mario Diani.

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