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Recently, the whole world witnessed the launch of the modern version of Lamborghini Countach, in a limited-edition model (already sold out) harnessed the best of today’s Lambos by blending some elements of the predecessor to an entire generation of supercars. There were many highlights Copied from the legendary version designed by Marcello Gandini To the new creature signed by fellow designer Mitja Burkert. In particular, Borkert cited the single centerline and NACA air intakes as the primary starting point, and in fact they are up front on the new Countach.

But this desire to resume Kontach It prompted many to try to redesign their profiles, perhaps attributing the overall judgment to social networks. One of them is Marco Witrzykowski, which on Instagram profile Statues speeds He presented his copy of Countach. In this case, the search for the original line at the rear is very noticeable, which in the “Muniq” version has been updated with a checkered pattern for the headlights.

Even at the front of the car there are various suggestions from the past, taking into account the arrangement of the headlights in particular (they are not retractable, but give the impression of their presence) and with the placement of the elements in the “bumper” area . Note the presence of flashy air intakes, more pronounced than LPI 800-4 by Borkert. Instead, NACA is missing, although there are many triangular elements that you remember from afar.

The version we’re talking about has had some success on Instagram and is definitely a good exercise in retrieving the styles that Gandini has traveled. This is the beauty of the design: Inside each pen there is a little difference that can make a harmonious model, and put the competition in the shade. With Countach, however, there is a fundamental problem: the original is so unique that it makes any attempt to imitate it complicated.

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(photo from Statues speeds)

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