“Sent me to die at home”

Irakli – “Ten hours of waiting in the emergency room for an 85-year-old patient in whom doctors diagnosed bilateral pneumonia, after which the woman asked to leave the hospital and go home.”

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Ten hours of waiting

The complaint comes from the Secretary of the Democratic Party of Iraklia who wanted to report the story that happened last January 4 to an elderly woman from Iraklia, Rosina Pasetto. It all started when her doctor sent the woman to the emergency room with suspected pneumonia. Accompanying her daughter to San Donna Hospital around 12, the woman immediately underwent a CT scan. “The doctors diagnosed her with bilateral pneumonia,” says the secretary of the Democratic Party, which is why she was advised to be hospitalized immediately, also given the woman’s age and the severe cough she was suffering from. Then the elderly woman is taken to the waiting room, waiting to go up to the medical department, while her daughter is waiting outside.”

Of course, the emergency room is full of more and more patients, and many of them are like the old woman who is visited, but not discharged, and thus kept under observation. “The old woman has a dry cough and asks for water,” continues the Democratic Party secretary, “but no one had time to give it to him. The daughter asked several times to be able to see her mother and possibly help her with what was needed, but the health workers reassured her by saying that her mother was under their control and she just had to wait for the call from the medical department.

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the demand
at 22 turning points. Simonetta Marcolongo – exhausted from coughing and dehydration – continues the elderly lady – she asked to go home. In practice, she quit, saying she wanted to die at home. The question is simple, but where did the dignity go? The case of a patient who feels stuck in a corner, and also of health care personnel who work hours at an unsustainable pace.” And on that front, measures are being demanded. “What we are witnessing, concludes the Democratic Party advocate, is becoming an unsustainable situation for everyone. In that emergency room, “There were many elderly people and children made to wait for long hours, exhausted and without alternative. On the other hand, the health workers seemed resigned to an unchanging reality. I wonder if this is the Venetian privilege. Corrections to these situations are necessary immediately.” , the Health Authority has begun to conduct the necessary checks to reconstruct what has been reported.

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