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When it comes to beaches, one immediately thinks of the main tourist destinations in the south, such as Greece, Spain, and Italy. but also Northern Europe It has respectable seaside destinations, albeit usually cooler for those accustomed to the Mediterranean climate. In Great Britain, for example, the beaches of Cornwall are especially popular, which attract large numbers of tourists every year. however, The real gem of the country It has been found elsewhere. Let’s find out together.

Landwin Heritage, a true paradise

Sand dunes covered with low vegetation, a golden tongue filled with crystal waters, and the appearance of a small island full of surprises waiting to be discovered: we are in Landuyn Legacy, which the British themselves consider one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK, but also one of the least popular. This “hidden gem” is located in Wales, more precisely on the island of Anglesey, located in the Irish Sea. It’s a very special place. It is characterized by its wonderful landscapes: One of the most wonderful places is precisely that of the bay, which welcomes many summer vacationers.

The beach boasts a prestigious title blue flagwater quality and environmental protection. It’s never been occupied by establishments, although there are some basic services, including free restrooms, picnic tables, and a few trucks serving takeaway food for those who don’t feel like grilling (yes, there are also areas equipped to do some summer grilling). from Convenient parking nearbyyou take a short path through the grassy hills, and then you come right out onto the beach.

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Here nature still reigns supreme, with its enchanting landscapes. Behind the sandbar, past the dunes, there Lush forests where you can get lost between the tracks Immersed in the vegetation, for a walk in the shade after spending many hours in the sun. While water sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice: from simple swimming to surfing, there are many activities to practice to keep fit and occupy the long summer days. Thanks to Sandy bottom which slope gently, even the little ones can play in complete safety with mom and dad.

Ynys Llanddwyn, Lovers Island

At the northern end of the beach, there is A thin strip of land which opens onto a wonderful island: Ynys Llanddwyn, which can be reached on foot most of the time, until it is overwhelmed by high tides by the isthmus that connects it to the mainland. The island is associated with the figure of Dwynwen, the patron saint of Welsh lovers (just as Valentine’s Day is for us): that is why its incredible charm seems to take on more romantic overtones. already from here You can enjoy a wonderful panoramic viewoverlooking the peninsula of Lynn and the lush nature of Snowdonia.

The island has not a few beautiful beaches where you can bask in the sun and take a refreshing swim. The ruins of St Dwynwen’s Church are worth a visit, but also worth a visit The picturesque Tor Mawr lighthouse, which watches the entrance to the Menai Strait. The latter stands on a rocky outcrop and is reached by a short staircase: its structure stands out majestically Against the blue of the seawhich is a really cool scene.

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