Prime Gaming, the last free game available on Prime Day: It’s Star Wars

As of today, the Prime Day On Amazon, the day of exclusive discounts for subscribers of the subscription service: to celebrate this initiative, Prime Gaming I decided to offer all of its users a New surprise free game.

Subscription service (find all the details on Amazon) actually allows you to redeem many new free games on PC every week, but on the occasion of Prime Day, it was decided to provide a good service to the users 4 additional gifts.

This special collection concludes with a special tribute to fans of the Star Wars saga: from now on, you can actually download the free version Ultimate Sith Edition to Star wars the force unleashedone of the most popular video game adaptations of this saga.

We remember that Star wars the force unleashed It will allow us to experience a dateThe secret apprentice of Darth Vaderwith unprecedented powers that you can use to get rid of your enemies without problems, even facing Luke Skywalker.

there Ultimate Sith Editionavailable for free with Prime Gaming, will also allow you to discover some Additional tasksin addition to a Exclusive bonus level for this edition.

To be able to download it, you will, of course, have to be registered with Amazon Prime, but the title will remain yours forever. No additional costYou will find it directly on the Amazon Games app after redeeming it on Next address.

Although it’s a Prime Day offer, Amazon has decided to leave its users plenty of time to go through the redemption process: the Prime Gaming offer will, in fact, end in August 14, 2023that’s saying in 34 days from now on.

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Star wars the force unleashed It’s the third free game for the month of July: two additional games added this past weekend that are still redeemable.

Also this weekend, a new redeemable gift will be available on Prime Gaming: we’ll keep you updated on our pages as soon as they become available.

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