Stolen footage from the 2019 version, played on PS4 PRO at a resolution of 3840 x 2160

some shots Abandoned old building dating back to 2019, photos apparently extrapolated from the PSN profile of Hasan Kahraman, who intervened on Twitter to confirm the authenticity of the stolen material.

In 2019, Blue Box Game Studios . was developed Video game prototype that will be abandoned laterThe head of the study said thatThe 2019 version was completely different from the current gameAnd it sets out how balanced a demo was created to squeeze the full potential of the PlayStation 4.

The version runs on PS4 PRO at the original 3840×2160 resolutionThe goal was to hit 60 frames per second in 8K installations. However, Sony’s old console was not powerful enough to fulfill the team’s dream, and as a result the blue box began to develop up On PlayStation 5 as soon as the developer kits become available.

It is impossible to get an accurate idea from these screenshotsAfter all, we see very little to be able to judge the technology/concept demo. remember it On August 10th, the abandoned app for PS5 will be updated with trailers and gameplayNext week, we’ll likely learn more about the ambitious game by Hassan Kahraman and Blue Box Studios. In recent weeks, Hassan and people close to him have repeated that Abandoned not Silent Hill But there are those who have so many skepticism about the story that according to some Metal Gear Solid 6 was actually abandoned by Konami.

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