My experience as a patient at RSA of Scicli

Modica – Dear Ragusanews Editor
I am writing these few lines to testify and talk about my residency in RSA, ancillary healthcare housing, at Busacca Hospital in Scicli and to express my great gratitude to all of the healthcare staff.

I was hospitalized on January 5th from Maggiore Hospital in Modica for a rather long rehabilitation period. I was in harsh conditions, without any independence, and relied on others in all respects, and at a time of hunger to distance themselves from their families, not getting help and comfort from loved ones, I assure you that it is this deficiency that weighs a lot. Well, here I immediately found myself in an extended family, apart from excellent healthcare, I was taken care of, with loving assistance by competent people, always available, ready to rush to every little need, always with a smile in my mouth, even in the most sensitive of operations, And some jokes to keep our spirits high.

I spent about 80 days in this structure, and came home after regaining about eighty percent of my independence that at first seemed out of the question. Best wishes to all the medical, nursing and assistant staff, thank you again, thank you, thank you!

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