Clubhouse is coming to Android, and very popular in Italy

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Club House It is definitely the social network that made it More noise In recent weeks, thanks to its specificity and uniqueness. The founders have just made some interesting statements.

One of the Clubhouse’s greatest defining characteristics is precisely it UniquenessIn addition to the inability to access the social network if you do not possess it invitation letter, Clubhouse is currently only available for IOS users. Ma Paul Davison H Rohan Seth, The founders of the social network, they say so Presto There will also be one Hardware version Male in appearance. The company has already hired engineers to work on the Android version of the Clubhouse app.

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As part of the Clubhouse World Tour, the founders also did Almighty Italy As one of the countries where Clubhouse is imposed Most successfulIn fact: Italian users are among the most active on social networks, with Peaks Who scored during the discussions related to Sanremo Festival H America’s Cup. Additionally, Clubhouse has also provided tools for Accessibility Blinds users to iPhone, which increases the appeal of the social voice.

In addition to a future launch on Android, Clubhouse plans to launch More news To make its platform more interesting: Among these there will be options for I am promoted Room specification based on discussion topic and new capabilities for Monetization Contents suggested by users.

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