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Sony and Nintendo update game subscription auto-renewal after British investigation

Sony and Nintendo update game subscription auto-renewal after British investigation

Sony and Nintendo are making changes to game subscriptions in the UK after partnering with a regulator in the country (via It includes). The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has raised concerns about how people are charged for unlimited subscriptions until they terminate them in advance, which could mean they are paying for services they don’t use.

For PlayStation Plus, “Sony has agreed to put in place measures to protect customers who have not used their subscriptions for a long time but are still paying” CMA said…. “Sony will contact these customers to remind them how to stop paying, and if they continue not to use their subscription, Sony will stop making further payments.” We’ve reached out to Sony to ask if these changes will only apply in the UK or will extend to other countries as well.

The regulator said the CMA “was also engaged with Nintendo, which changed its business practices during the investigation so that the Nintendo Switch service would not be sold online with auto-renewal set as the default.” “This means that people will not automatically renew contracts and will address a range of CMA concerns about who will be locked up.” The company said in a statement: the edge.

Microsoft too busy January changes in response to CMA concerns, including contacting customers who are still paying for subscriptions they haven’t used in a long time. Microsoft said at the time the edge Its modifications will initially be available in the UK and will soon be available worldwide.

The Capital Markets Authority initially announced that it was investigating the automatic renewal practices of the three companies in 2019. The Capital Markets Authority said, on Wednesday, that the investigation is now closed.

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