Best fitness apps to get fit

Getting back in shape in the summer isn’t an impossible task thanks to these three apps (plus one) that will help you heal your body and mind.

Beautiful days wish it Go to the sea And flaunt your swimwear: summer is coming and it’s time to get back in shape. How? With the help of technology, or better yet, some a program To download to your mobile phone to start a file Training and weight loss program. Here are the best fitness apps to restore physical and mental balance.

Best fitness apps

Best Fitness Apps: “Loose Weight in 30 Days”

Most popular in the last period Lose weight in 30 days who promises to help us Lose extra pounds In just one month thanks to a balanced diet and varied exercises to be done every day. The exercises are explained Through videos and animationsThis allows you to perform the movements in the right way to get the best results. You follow step by step with the program that condenses step by step, and always loads Towards a new goal.

Exercise is the result of careful consideration and is also ideal for those who are junior. It is no coincidence that he allows a break every three days to allow the body to benefit from the movement he is making. Finally, all data related to Calorie consumption The exercises performed are collected in a database Syncs with Google Fit.

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Best fitness apps: “Sculpt your abs in 30 days”

If your problem is bacon and you’ve always dreamed of a flat stomach in summer, you should try Body sculpting in 30 days. Real Android app Personal Coach It will follow you on a path that aims to give you muscle of steel and say goodbye to fat pads.

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there turtle Thanks to video instructions and custom reminders that allow you to do so Evaluate the results achieved And not to lose the determination to reach the final goal.

Best fitness apps

Best Fitness App: “Strava”

Running, or better walking, is the best way to get fit in the summer. It allows Weight lossStaying in touch with nature is definitely a training method Little cost from the gym. Application Loved by runners (but also by cyclists) is Strava Which allows you to evaluate your performance and your improvements, but above all contact one of them sports community. Thanks for the kind of fitness blog You can share your sports adventures with people who have the same interests as you Adviceto publish Photo and video.

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“Happy is not perfect” for inner well-being

We conclude this journey in apps dedicated to getting back into shape with an app dedicated to it Care Not only from the body, but also mind _ mind. Indeed, summer is the time for that unplugThink for yourself and findEquilibrium Lost. Help comes from happy not perfecta program created by A team of neuroscientistsDoctors, psychotherapists and yoga instructors. Target? offering a ritual Care The character that helps you think positive and achieve their aspirations.

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