Arthritis, in which cases a disability pension can be obtained

Those with arthritis are entitled, in some cases, to a monthly allowance of €287. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

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The past year was marked by the impact of Covid, which brought with it negative repercussions, both socially and socially Cheap. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have had to lower the shutters of their activities, which has inevitable repercussions on the pockets of many. familiesStruggling with declining revenue. A particularly complex historical period, which sees government intervention through ad hoc measures, such as the contributions approved by the Sostegni Bis Decree.

At the same time, the administrative machine never stops, as many taxpayers struggle with the divers tax dates. Just like bureaucracy, unfortunately, the impact of diseases continues as well. In addition to Covid, in fact, we must also deal with other diseases, such as some disorders related to some rheumatic diseases, such as arthritis, in order to allow, in some cases, to get monthly check. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

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Arthritis patients are entitled to a disability pension

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Unfortunately, every year there are a lot of people who suffer from rheumatism related problems arthritis, which occur at different levels of intensity. In the event that it turns out to be a real obstacle in carrying out some daily activities, it is possible to ask the INPSdisability allowance.

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This economic support is only granted if it is recognized The percentage of disability is at least 74%. At the same time, if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis you may be entitled to a certain percentage of disability ranging from 21% to 100%. The monthly amount of this allowance for 2021 is equal to 28,709 EUR For a total of 13 monthly payments.

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But not only that, even those who suffer arthritis It may require recognition of a certain degree of disability. In fact, it can be related to pathological images or conditions of specific gravity. Difficult situation of management, after which interested parties can apply to the INPS ofdisability allowance.

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