Angelina Jolie Selling The Churchill Painting: A Box Office Record

Rome – The Koutoubia Mosque TowerA panoramic view of Marrakech drawn by the former British minister Winston Churchill It was sold for 7 million pounds sterling in London From Christie’s Auctions. Churchill presented the painting to United States President Franklin Roosevelt during World War II, and it subsequently ended up in Angelina Jolie’s private collection. It was Brad Pitt who gave the work to the Hollywood singer In 2011. After the divorce, Angelina chose to get rid of that gift. Churchill was inspired by the Moroccan city and painted during a tour of the city in 1943. The painting features the long shades and warm colors of a sunset at sunset. Marrakech, one of Churchill’s favorite subjects. “Churchill first visited Morocco in 1935, and fell in love with the quality of the local lighting.”Said Nick Orchard, Head of British Modern Art at Christie’s in London, where the auction was held. The work was estimated at between 1.5 and 2.5 million pounds Offers soared Up to 7 million. By calculating the fees, the final figure is 8.2 million pounds. Two other Churchill paintings were also sold: the three works were generally sold for £ 9.43 million.

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