Now or never! 20 things not to be missed in the last month of Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai could become one of the most visited editions of all time: 15 million visits were reached on February 23.

The global fair in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, inspired by the theme Join the minds, create the future It is one of the first global events to take place since the start of the pandemic, and in some ways marked a real start for tourism.

Also on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Emirates, it is the most modern and splendid event held in this particular place, capable of attracting visitors from all over the world.

This will be possible until March 31, 2022 Visit the exhibition spaces At Expo 2020 Dubai, he discovers many places, curiosities, events and initiatives designed for a global audience looking for intercultural dialogue and meeting. To unite minds, but also to open ourselves to a new world of pollution and interests converging.

here 20 things not to be missed in the last month of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Mission of Hope for the United Arab Emirates

cloning Hope MissionThe first Mars exploration project in the United Arab Emirates. The spacecraft will be in orbit around the Red Planet for two years and will collect 1,000 gigabytes of data, which will be sent to the Emirates Science Data Center for Mars Research.

Lucy, the oldest human specimen ever found

Lucy, “the grandmother of mankind,” is the oldest human fossil ever found. The extraordinary discovery of the late twentieth century, which occurred in the Awash Valley in Ethiopia, is now on display (in replica) at the Ethiopian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai: a fascinating way to connect minds and take a journey 3.2 million years ago.

Iron Age in Dubai

Saruq Al Hadid is one of the most important archaeological sites in Dubai. Its accidental discovery is attributed to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum while exploring by helicopter. Thousands of black stones and vintage images also inspired the logo of Expo 2020 Dubai, a double ring studded with gold stones. During the event, a documentary film dedicated to the history of the site and, in some ways, to the prehistoric “birth” of Dubai was reproduced.

From the moon to Dubai

The United States Pavilion is dedicated to exploration, Earth, and Space themes. here is a file small part of the moonacquired by Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmidt during the Apollo 17 mission. A 3.8-billion-year-old rock, in order to “touch” (but only perfectly) the history of the universe that surrounds us.

Italian pride in the world

Italy, which hosted the previous edition of the Expo, decided to do big things. at Italy Pavilion There is already room for one 1:1 scale reproduction of David by Michelangelo: Inside an octagonal structure, you can walk around the statue and admire it from every angle. Digitization and reproduction were done using The largest 3D printer in the worldone of the many records of our country on display in Dubai.

It’s a really interesting bridge

The communities of Ccolana Quehue, Hunchiri, Choccaya, and Chaupibanda are part of the history of Peru that has continued to this day. They are the ones who build a file bridge in the grasstangled threads of a very thin plant, qoya ichu. Reproduced at Expo 2020 Dubai, this bridge is a symbol of communication between communities and also a symbol of social communication for ancient Peruvians: of course it is possible to cross it!

music from the past

In the Syrian pavilion, it is possible to listen to the oldest Musical compositions for Ugarit, which dates back to 1400 BC and represents one of the earliest examples of prehistoric music that has come down to us. Have you ever attended a prom with 3,400-year-old artists?

original manuscripts

The United States of America and the Holy See seem to have agreed on a truly unusual idea for the exhibition: some are even older Books dedicated to Arab culture. The Vatican did in fact display a portion of the manuscripts of the House of Wisdom, which introduced the West to Arabic numerals. Instead, the United States reproduced a file The Qur’an by Thomas JeffersonIt dates from 1734 and was purchased by the Library of Congress in 1815. Finally, Yemen chose to show visitors to its pavilion ancient manuscripts Which talks about the first stable civilizations in the Middle East.

From the pharaohs to the desert, a journey through the treasures of Africa

The choice of many African nations for this exhibition was to display originals or fragments of their ancient past. Algeria clone a traditional village It contains fragments Tools It dates back to 2.4 million years ago. Morocco brought a skull to Dubai sane man More than 10,000 years ago, it was found at the site of Jebel Irhud, and Egypt chose to display sarcophagusan ancient priest who lived in the twenty-sixth dynasty and was found in Saqqara.

Treasures of the ancient continent

Did you know that there is a real treasure in Expo 2020 Dubai? Is this from PanagurishtA series of gold coins found by chance in 1949 in Bulgaria. It is a group of Thracian origin, including the so-called Viale from PanaguristIt is a rich vase in the Greek style. together with Qvevrithe “factory” of utensils and brewing objects on display in the Georgia Pavilion, takes us on a journey back in time, reminding us how important the role of wine and liquor in the past was in religious rituals.

Sports and history

Plenty of opportunities for exercise and physical activity at Expo 2020 Dubai. Plus fitness classes, Zumba concerts and Women’s yoga Under the guidance of expert Anna Krukoskaya, sport is also told throughout history. Such that The first ball used in the FIFA World Cup, in 1930 in Uruguay. Completely different from those currently in existence (very heavy and in the leather), it is displayed alongside other Uruguayan football “artifacts”, such as the number 5 jersey of Obdulio Varelia, the protagonist of Uruguay’s epic victory over Brazil in the 1950 cup.

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