Never charge your phone this way: you risk a bad illness

We know how much your smartphone, especially if it is used a lot, can harm our health. To further confirm this, there will be recent research, which would advise against the smartphone during sleep hours.

In this case, this would be a study recently published by British scientists, according to which recharging the phone in the room leads to an increased risk of diabetes and obesity.

The main reason for the occurrence of these health risks will be Melatonin productiona, which decreases or increases depending on certain lighting conditions. a Totally dark environment And free of electronic devices, in fact, lead to a Increasing the body’s secretion of melatoninresulting in a quieter, higher quality sleep.

Radiation and light from your smartphoneOn the contrary, they will lead to one Reducing the body’s secretion of melatoninwith the effect of a sleep bad In terms of quality. One of the main consequences of deteriorating sleep quality is metabolic imbalance, which can eventually lead to various diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

she was Ivy Cheung of Northwestern University in Chicago, who stated that even a single three-hour exposure to light from smartphones (or electronic devices in general, such as tablets and laptops) has a significant impact on hunger and glucose metabolism, and thus leads all the way to disease Mentioned above caused by a change in the rhythm of regular sleep and wakefulness.

Radiation from phones

Based on what was recorded by the study in question, In standby mode, the phone emits an average of 2.3 milligrams of electromagnetic radiation, which increases to 3.4 Megaus by recharging it. The parameter that differs in this case is also the distance that is kept between the person and the smartphone: at a distance of 5 cm, the radiation will reach 1 milligo, and decrease by half at a distance of 10 cm and so on, in inversely proportional proportion.

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In the end, scholars recommend Keep your smartphone turned off during sleep hoursthen turn it back on in the morning as soon as you wake up, or maybe keep it at a distance, maybe in a room other than the bedroom.

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So we just have to wait for more developments and confirmations for the study in question about using the phone at night, which we are sure won’t be long in the next few weeks or months.

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