Scholarships and grants to study in the UK: all the useful information

Study in the UK: all about scholarships and grants

As we have repeated many times, everyone has considered studying in London and the UK at least once, and for very good reasons. First of all, for the wonderful charm that the city and the whole country can still boast of, though Britain’s exit from the European Unionthen also forHigh academic level Which can be found in the multiple annual rankings of the best universities.

However, it is quite possible that most of those who had this dream have always believed that the economic factor is a big obstacle, namely: Enrollment in a university, masters or doctorate Cost an arm and a leg.

A completely unfounded worry, but actually it can be eliminated Economic aid, support and facilities To study in the UK for almost free, even as the country left the European Union as it closed the door.

Scholarships and grants to study in the UK: all the useful information

First of all, it should be remembered that a large part of scholarships and financial aid is mainly aimed at Master’s or Ph.D.However, there is actually no shortage of universities offering generous funds for degree courses.

What should be taken into account in the long-term research is that you better arm yourself with patience, because they are there Many variations To consider: If the scholarship is offered Cover extra expensessuch as housing, if it only focuses on college fees Or whether the services are both covered.

The selection criteria: Some scholarships can only be accessed by those who can demonstrate excellent academic results, i.e. diploma or degree, while other universities may only be interested in the degree of some very specific subjects, which are obviously related to the chosen course, masters or PhD.

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They also change Deadlines and methods of application. In fact, there are not rare cases where the scholarship is directly related to the chosen course: it would not be possible to benefit from the first without first going to the second. Again, the application is sometimes required to be submitted at the same time as the application, or immediately thereafter. Or deadlines may occur at the beginning of the school year, to name another stress factor.

UK Scholarships: Categories and Grades

More specifically, there are 5 big categories of scholarships, let’s see them together.

1. Academic merit and excellence: Guaranteed for students with a distinguished academic history, to have the marks obtained during previous studies verified.
2. performance advantages: attributed to those who have demonstrated exceptional ability in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, arts, etc.
3. Associated with specific topics: It is generally offered by individual departments for students who deal with certain subjects and topics in their studies, which are of great interest to the university.
4. To secure a Equal access to education: These are scholarships offered to refugees and asylum seekers who flee persecution or find themselves in difficult situations and cannot return to their country of origin.
5 inability: Offered to international students with disabilities, mental distress, learning difficulties, or other special needs.

And from an economic point of view? It is not easy to quantify the amount of financial aid for undergraduate or postgraduate courses in the UK, as it can vary greatly depending on the level of study, the program to be followed, the city to which you will have to move and the relative cost of living.

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Scholarships to study in the UK: How to apply

As you can easily guess, Apply for a scholarship to study in the UK It can be a rather tedious process and not without complications. However, the good news is that this is not impossible, you only need to rely on reliable companies like EU Networkan agency that deals with helping – completely free of charge – students who intend to enter the world of English universities.

EU Network offers a practical support Help not only with Registrations and entry requirementsbut also provide a guide for choosing the most appropriate path, reviewing documents and sending everything to the chosen university.

a A team of experts in recruitment, marketing and consulting With an entrepreneurial and professional background that will make the whole process easier, and experience the educational period more rewarding. The results are very encouraging, as the numbers guarantee: 80% of the more than 500 students who switch to the EU network each year have graduated from a UK university. And 93% of learners found a new job after their studies with a corresponding increase in salary.

Enrollment in the services is done through a tutor who follows the user at every step, whether online, over the phone or face to face. its enough Click this page To book an appointment with an EU network contact for free.

Alternatively, you can refer to Clizia Albertella – Senior Recruitment Manager for the European Union Network.

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