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The first month of Fadwa bin Karim in the United States

At first I was a bit concerned about the lockdown in Italy, which didn’t allow us to train properly. I tried to use the field for as long as possible, but for the past two months before I left, I’ve only been running and doing some exercises at home. But once I got here, I saw that there wasn’t much difference with other girls in terms of athletic training. We resumed training almost immediately in the field 6 days a week for 4 hours.

I’m sorry I couldn’t play the first few games right away due to the tendinitis in my arm. However, they did make me do two or three rides on the weekend. On the whole, get away with it on the podium, even with the help of the defense. The teams we met were strong enough. The matches were very tight, but at the moment we have won 6 out of 8.

Honestly, what I expected about the level reflects what I found later. The teams are very good and there is a lot of competition even among our team-mates, we are twenty years old and there are nine places on the field. Better this way, because I want to train more.

What I didn’t expect was that they didn’t pay much attention to feeding here. It is known that in the United States it is full of fast food, but I thought that in a place where most athletes live, they will give us healthy food, because I believe that exercising without an adequate healthy diet is counterproductive. Plus my parents have diabetes and my dad had cholesterol issues, so I used to eat healthy food at home. Now I try to cook for myself when the college cafeteria doesn’t offer the options that work for me.

As for softball, I am learning how to roll. I correct my hitting movement and of course other little things like running on the rules that are often overlooked but can make a difference in some tight playing situations. I want to learn everything they can teach me, for the time being I am thinking of growing in sports and beyond. Good relationship with colleagues and coach. They are helpful and kind, although due to language it is not always easy to communicate“.

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