United Kingdom: Chinese caviar has been denounced as Russian or Iranian

at United kingdom The caviar war broke out. In practice, a company has been denounced by a competitor on suspicion of dealing Chinese caviar like Russian Or Iranian (more valuable as we explained in our guide).

the manufacture company Monarch of the Caspian Sea Decides to sue a competitor for writing on its packaging Russian caviar, In large, clearly visible language. Except that if you read a little below, it turns out that the so-called Russian caviar is actually produced in China.

According to the Caspian Monarque, this is an incorrect system: eggs actually come from one Russian sturgeonThis is only being farmed in China (remember that China is the first country in the world for the amount of caviar produced, while Italy comes second).

Russian caviar is older and has a stronger taste than other varieties, which is why it is considered among the most valuable. Until th Iranians They consider their caviar among the best in the world, arguing that the caviar produced along the southern shores of the Caspian Sea is tastier because it is produced in cleaner and deeper waters. And Chinese? They are very beautiful to the eye, except that they are less tasteful than others.

For this reason, the Caspian Monarque decided to turn to the competition authorities and requested, among other things, to prevent the sale of competitors’ caviar until they had collected some Stickers Which is more accurate.

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