China, a hailstorm during a mountain marathon: 21 dead, 8 hospitalized in hypothermia

a hailstorm Buy Twenty one dead e Eight hospitalized for every Hypothermia Minor injuries were in China, During a contest Mountain running In the northwest of the nation. The bad weather surprised me 172 participants To the marathon, which according to Xinhua, was running a very narrow path at an altitude of almost 10,000 feet. In particular, the competition was taking place at Stone Forest of the Yellow River, Near Baiyin City, Gansu County: the Drops Surprise temperature All of the participants were surprised, and one of them said that his fingers had developed numbness from the cold, and that some of the contestants did not wear appropriate clothes for the weather conditions in the race. Operations rescue They lasted all night, in extremely low temperatures, and they shared more than one 700 people.

At around noon, he suddenly collided with a high race stretch of 20 to 31 kilometers Circumstances Meteorological disastrous – He explained Zhang XuchenMayor Bayen – In a jiffy, hailstorm e Freezing rain They suddenly fell on this area – the mayor added – there were storms and strong winds. The temperature dropped sharply. ”

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