Rumor: Will the next Pokémon title be a new adventure in Unova, Kyurem Legends, or Black and White 3?

Following developments regarding a possible role for one of the DLC heroes of Scarlet Pokemon And Violet Within one of the next video games in the series, the now famous Chinese leak a few days ago Riddler Kho He started posting many tweets related to the area almost every day Unova. Could next year be the year when we will return to visit the places where the fifth generation games were held?

The chain of clues left by the Chinese leaker started from a survey too Suspectwhere the community was asked which potential game they would prefer Pokemon Let’s Go UnovaAnd Pokémon Legends: KyuremAnd Pokemon White And black 3 and copy The irony Unova.

But this was only the beginning. In fact, a few days later he responded to his tweet about the DLC characters, writing a mysterious Chinese word.

Pokemon Unima

Fans immediately set out to try to solve the mystery and many immediately noticed how the word Khoo shared referred to an ornamental plant. home iris. This gave rise to two different hypotheses, both related to the fifth generation. On the other hand, a reference to a plant can be associated with a nounEighth gym leader And later too hero Unova. On the other hand, Venus can also be associated with the color pattern of one of the core characters of the fifth generation, namely SpikenardPokémon Black and White League Champion. This second link, in particular, could be the most interesting because it may be a veiled indication of a possibility. Pokémon Legends: Kyuremgiven the many references to Nardo already in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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Khoo himself intervened a few hours later to validate the fans’ hypotheses and post a photo black city Based on white forestaccompanied by a sentence that mixes English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Pokemon Unima

Although at first glance the meaning of the tweet might seem like a clear and indisputable reference to the Unova region, the question tends to become more complicated When analyzing the phrase accompanying the image more specifically. In fact, as some fans have pointed out, the latter translates as follows:

“Second, don’t trust what you see now, I see new Pokemon, and you?”


The tweet is therefore a mystery linked to an announcement made a few days ago in which he hinted that, two days later, he would give some clues about New Pokemon.

Pokemon Unima

So is that all? Is the image of a black city and a white forest just an incomprehensible hint of new Pokemon in the future? It could be. However, since then with Riddler Khu nothing It should never be taken for granted, this way may be to confuse More water. So the tweet could just be a reference to a new Pokémon, but nothing prevents us from thinking that at the same time, Khu is also suggesting something about a potential game set on Unova. And it is precisely in the latter way that some fans have interpreted it, such as dropout center or SoulSilverArt.

Indeed, the artist highlights how various references to irises and to the theme of the distance between the past and the future refer to a city bored. In fact, not only was this city the location of the eighth gym in Pokémon Black and White, but it also had a different look depending on the version of the game (future black and white, old black and white 2). Thus, all clues, according to this theory, will lead to a game being launched in the Unova region soon.

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Then this last interpretation found confirmation in Kho himself, who in the last few hours posted three different images, accompanied by the word “Saadou‘, which can mean ‘past’.

Pokemon Unima

The easiest image to understand is definitely the third image: it’s one of the posters animated series From Pokémon Black and White. The other two are photos from one of the last photos The Legend of Zelda and filming the in-game special event for Red Moon.

These two images can be interpreted in two different ways. On the one hand, they could point, as some fans have hypothesized, to a potential catastrophe within the Unova region: perhaps a time rift similar to what happened in Pokémon Arceus Legends or a meteor crash that allowed access to the Unova region. The original dragon. On the other hand, it could also be a general reference to a “throwback” within the Unova region.

In fact, during the nights of Luna Rossa, in the latest installment of The Legend of Zelda, defeated enemies and objects return in their original places, until the player can defeat them again, in the case of the former, or collect them again, in the case of the latter. If this is the correct way to interpret the evidence, then there can be two possible scenarios for the next 5G game: Remake/reboot Where we look back on the history of Unova, but perhaps with some differences from the past; new Pokemon legends This allows us to see the origins of the 5G region firsthand.

But these are, for now, just that Unconfirmed rumors And speculation. It will be necessary to wait for the new official announcements to find out more.

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