Infections and deaths rising in Great Britain: ‘European influence weighs’ –

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In just one day, there are more than 32,000 cases and 104 deaths. Among the reasons, experts point to the end of restrictions and the impact of the semi-finals and finals of European football championships. Experts: We should not be distracted, we can destroy the work done so far

More than 32,000 cases in one day, 104 deaths. They come back to make you think data on covid In Great Britain, where life has mostly returned to normal before the pandemic: shops and restaurants open without observing masks, museums, concert halls and theaters are full and there are no limits for gatherings, only a call to take a reasonable position.


The alarming increase is the 14% increase in deaths compared to last week. On the other hand, infections rose by 10%. The hospitalization rate remains stable. What is happening? The vaccination campaign continues: a new group has been added – those for children aged 16-17 – and 87.5% of the population eligible for it received the first dose, while 76.3% completed the course. Experts talk about a period of stabilization.
According to the ‘National Bureau of Statistics, 5,000 new cases’.


Chris Smith, a virologist at the University of Cambridge, cautioned not to be distracted. And specify that it would be very easy to destroy the work done so far, especially if the data indicates protection Vaccines Falls off after a few months. In fact, an Oxford University study based on three million samples found that 12 weeks after completing a course of vaccination, efficacy drops from 85% to 75% for the Pfizer combination and from 68% to 61% for AstraZeneca. Both vaccines – said Sarah Walker, a virologist at Oxford and one of the lead authors of the research – remain effective against the delta variant and are the best way to protect against the virus, but the findings could have an impact on recovery.

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third dose

Health Minister Sajid Javid said he is ready to start country side For citizens aged 50 or older as early as next month, while the Vaccines and Immunizations Committee has now tentatively indicated that the so-called third dose Suitable for vulnerable people and those with chronic or acute health problems. For Peter Horby, a professor who is part of the Sage expert group, it remains to be seen whether the Covid vaccine will become as necessary as the flu vaccine, because it is not clear which direction the virus will take in the future. In addition to the recall, the status of minors under the age of 16 in Great Britain, who are not currently vaccinated if they are healthy and if they do not live with at-risk adults, remains to be clarified. Meanwhile, in September, schools resume face-to-face (in some parts of Scotland the new school year has already begun). No more bubbles and stay away from sticking to masks. Rapid smears would continue but not at the same rate as before, when boys needed two tests per week.

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