The GimFIVE “rebellious” lounge in Modena East reopened today. Police arrive

In recent weeks, the GimFIVE gym chain – distributed in various regions – has given great importance to its web channels to the decision to reopen the business, in violation of rules that prevent this type of business from welcoming customers inside. The “mutiny” option on Dpcm has banned these and other activities open to the public for months, and is being implemented with utmost awareness to send a signal to the sector.

The Modena Est gymnasium, on Via Porpora, was chosen to be the pioneer: as announced, the building opened this morning at 6 a.m. The first clients who somehow embraced the cause and started their training sessions started with the name d ‘usually.

Video | GimFIVE Director and Reasons for Reopening

“So far, there is no decree granting gyms opening. Yet we have decided to open anyway. We are well aware of what we are doing and what will happen with the opening of January 11th in Modena Est and January 15th in all other GimFIVE centers. We take full responsibility,” he said. Managers, who informed the police of their decision.

On the appointed date, around 10 am this morning, police arrived at the sports facility on Purpura Road to check what was happening inside. State Police and Municipal Police officers entered the building to check attendance and effectively “froze” the activity.

Video | Police arrive at GimFive. Gym: “For the time being we are closing, but support us, let’s leave everything on January 15th.”

About twenty clients who were inside have been identified and invited to leave, but are not currently being punished. The administrative process for selecting a gym will be launched, which may also lead to a penalty not imposed at the present time.

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Late in the morning, the managers announced that the gym would be closed today and for the next few days, then indicated their intention to open from Friday January 15th. However, as for this date, it is not known which regulations or “colors” are in effect, on which a decision is expected within an hour of Rome.

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