Shirogane’s Zelda Cosplay Is Like a Dream –

We want to continue celebrating our 35th birthday The Legend of Zelda With Disguise Truly a special dedicated to the brave princess. To play the famous heroine Shirogan, Who has now become a constant presence of our costumes, with truly dreamy cosplay.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the Epic video games That greatly influenced fans of Nintendo and video games in general. Link to the past, Ocarina of Time and Breath of The Wild are games that rewrote the rules of their era and shape timeless masterpieces. Although Majorora’s mask may still be a favorite of many.

The great thing is that whichever class you choose is still exceptional and you haven’t heard about the management change from Miyamoto to Onuma. And it’s a miracle, given the size and uniqueness of Super Mario’s father.

In this cosplay, Shirogane plays Zelda from Breath of The Wild. The adult version of the princess, therefore, Gorgeous And beautiful in her white and blue dress. The “smarmellatura” of the photo and background create an atmosphere of dreams very similar to that of memories in which the princess lives in the latest adventurous bond.

What is your opinion?

In case you are looking for more costumes In bold, We recommend Lara Croft’s ice sculpture by OMG Cosplay and the deadly beauty of Antichrist from Danielenicola.

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