PS5, exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers

Amazon Prime users are about to receive a welcome gift: PlayStation 5 about to appear Amazon Brackets exclusive to “Prime” subscribers. In short, another foreplay for subscribers, who will be able to make their PS5 their own from the next few hours without any queuing. Unlike the “drops” that have occurred in other marketplaces such as MediaWorld or Gamestop, in fact, everything on Amazon is instant: Entry, order, it’s yours. For two days, however, Exclusivity is limited to Prime subscribers (But there is a catch).

PS5 su Amazon

Immediately Official Page It still says the console is not available, but it probably only takes hours. In fact, this is what the description says:

Amazon Prime customers will have priority access to PlayStation 5 until July 16, 2021

If you are a Prime subscriber, all you have to do is get to the page in time: we will report any news live on this page. If you are not a subscriber, You can do it now, and take advantage of the first free month. In the end, you can opt out at no cost and thus be able to get your hands on a PS5 with all the perks of Prime subscribers, but at no cost.

PlayStation 5

It’s not clear how many units will be available, so it’s not possible to know if additional units will still be available at the end of the Prima subscriber’s exclusive offer. It’s not even clear when the show could start, given that at the moment it doesn’t appear to have been activated yet. Those who want to get the PS5 will have to move up front, in short, to make sure they’re subscribed and arrive at the right time on the page.

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Could this be the time to bring the next generation of Sony into your home?

Update 7/14 at 16.00

The offer has not yet appeared. Hour by hour, the deadline of 16 is drawing near, but at the moment no one has been able to help him.

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