Ground Zero Texas for Mega CD will be reworked and released on PC and PS4 –

Ground Zero Texas remastered

Screaming Villains announced that it is working onRemastered edition From Ground Zero Texas, A full-action video game from the 1990s developed by Digital Pictures and originally released in Mega CD, But now it’s also coming to PC and PS4.

Screaming Villains specializes in re-mastering their digital photo catalog, which also includes Night Trap, Double Switch, and Corpse Killer. It must be said that these titles are very old, both conceptually and technically, but they are still appreciable as artifacts that symbolize an era that has now passed, but were still very important to me. The history of video games.

Whatever the case, the redesigned version will be called from Ground Zero Texas Nuclear Edition It will be released on March 2 on PS4 and PC (Steam). Physical copies of Official Limited Running Games website, A publisher specializing in this type of operation.

Ground Zero Texas sees the player monitoring a series of security cameras to locate and eliminate some aliens, called Reticulans. The ultimate goal is to disarm the nuclear weapons they want to use to destroy the world. We see a video with a lot of astonishment.

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