Microsoft Flight Simulator runs on Xbox Series X | S Half Space Without Offline Content –

Microsoft Flight Simulator su Xbox Series X | S. Today better defines its own methods of installation, highlighting the fact that there are two different types of installation, one of which is much more contained than the standard type, which in fact occupies half the space Than previously reported if you don’t download a file Offline content.

We previously reported that Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X/S will take up a lot of space on an SSD, well, that info is determined with the update Microsoft made in these hours: although the initial preload only indicates the maximum amount of files to be Its download, equivalent to 97 GB, is now available on the system content management Which allows you to download more content if you don’t go through the full download.

As also reported by OscarK, the Xbox developer has been verified on the ResetEra forum (but should now be visible to all users), by selecting the Manage game installation option instead of proceeding directly to the full installation which you can access two blocks of data to download.

Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you choose between a full download or the base game, with no offline content

The main game actually requires Download on 42.4 GB And you can only download this section, in case you intend to use Microsoft Flight Simulator with a stable internet connection and download content quickly. On the other hand, if you want to download the full game, including offline with the whole world, then go for the total download which includes 54.9 GB of content.

For those who do not intend to use offline mode, in short, downloading and installing is much easier, which is especially positive for users of Xbox Series S with 500 GB SSD. For the rest, we remind you that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available from July 27Preload is already active today on Xbox Series X | S, within the second installment of games in July 2021 that also includes The Ascent and many other titles.

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