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Do you remember Mariangela, the daughter of the legendary accountant Fantuzzi? About 27 years ago, his life changed dramatically: you would never imagine what he does today.

Do you remember Mariangela, the daughter of accountant Fantuzzi? Here it is, years later. image source: youtube

It’s a true cult of the late ’90s, it was Fantozzi Accountant. The character, played by the legendary Paolo Villaggio, played the role of an employee who, unfortunately, was constantly haunted by bad luck. Unfortunately, every action he took was not successful. This, of course, only elicited a reaction from his viewers. Even now, despite the years and years since the last good Fantasy movie, his character is remembered with immense affection.

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To make accountant Fantozzi’s adventures even more special, there were two women: Pina, the writer’s wife, and mariangela, His only daughter. Do you remember both? How to forget them, you are right! On the other hand, if we know that the role of Ugo’s good wife was played by the legendary Melina Vokotic, recently in Dancing with the Stars, on the other hand, we know that the role of Mariangela was played by the great Plinio Fernando. over there. Speaking of him, did you know that his life changed drastically around 27 years ago? Let’s find out something more.

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She played Mariangela, the daughter of the accountant Fantozzi: what are you doing today? strict decision

role play Mariangela, daughter of accountant Fantozi. And in the blink of an eye, he got crazy attention. Are you curious, though, to know what he does today? Having confirmed that his role was played by Plinio Fernando, the much loved and famous actor, are you curious to know what he does today?

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As we said earlier, about 27 years ago, Plinio Fernando’s life changed radically. According to what was learned from the Web, in fact, it seems that exactly in 1994 the actor finally said goodbye to the world of acting, and, accordingly, to cinema, to devote himself to sculpture and painting. In fact, it was precisely this specialty that has devoted itself in recent years.

Mariangela Fantozi
FontiPhoto: Getty Images

In short, a rather strict decision, as we can clearly understand. And this, on the other hand, causes a really impressive reaction.

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