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At the end of the month, we’ll finally have a chance to get our hands on it ReturnThe new, exclusive PS5 developed by Housemarque. It is a Rogue Lite game that mixes the classic spirit of Hell from the developer with a more cinematic style. More precisely, Returnal is a sci-fi horror. So the atmosphere will be key to allow the player to get to know the protagonist and really fear for his life. However, to create the right atmosphere, you need one Sound qualityLuckily, the celeb is working on Returnal Composer Bobby Karlik, Which explained the differences in creating a soundtrack for a movie versus a game.

In fact, Krlic has handled the musical side of several productions, most recently Del 2019 midsummer movie, A horror fictional film praised for the soundtrack. Now, he’s instead working on a video game – Returnal, in fact -. What is the difference between a movie and a video game? In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, He said his.

In some ways, It is a challenge. But at the same time, I think I found something that really excited me, in the sense that you are just trying to point out an emotion and express those feelings as best you can. You can prolong it, you can hang it up, because the player can do it, he can live that moment longer than you imagined. So the question is: Okay, how do I get this result? How do I freeze it? At the same time, how do I get him to swing, cranky, interested? So yeah, the goal is to target the most important emotion, analyze it with a magnifying glass, and figure out how to keep it moving, not prevent it. It was a really cool thingThese are the words of Returnal author.

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Will the return be able to terrify us?

Return will be available On PS5 starting April 30, 2021. You can read the latest in the game in our summary of a preview by Sony itself.

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