Project Triangle Strategy aims for 50 hours of gameplay with multiple endings –

Last month, Nintendo revealed a new exclusive game developed by Square Enix within Direct: let’s talk about it Project Triangle Strategy, Which is an upcoming turn-based tactical RPG Nintendo Switch Next year. So there’s still a lot to go before the release, but we really have a chance to try the demo. Plus, the product also talked about Length in terms of hours and ends.

Tomoya Asano, producer of Square Enix, spoke during a YouTube Live broadcast of Game Live Japan, saying, “Our idea of ​​the game is Insert multiple endings. As for the longevity of the game, this has not been decided yet … We always aim for around 50 hoursUltimately, however, it almost doesn’t happen. So the Project Triangle Strategy aims at 50 hours, but for now there is no certainty: one run should, however, last a much shorter period if 50 hours includes all ends.

Then the Square Enix producer was asked too When it is possible to learn more about the project triangle strategy: Asano’s answer is a bit generic (“Let’s hope it gets cold before it gets cold”) but it seems reassuring that during 2021 there will still be room for this RPG.

Awaiting further news, we remind you that you can read our tried and tested Project Triangle Strategy demo. If you’d like to review the trailer and see what information was revealed in the ad, you can alternatively see our original news.

Project Triangle Strategy aims to have 50 hours of gameplay
Project Triangle Strategy aims to have 50 hours of gameplay

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