DokeV, Pearl Abyss action between a shooter and a Pokemon, presented with a gameplay trailer –

Dukef It could be called a kind of Pokemon simulator in relation to the creature collecting element, although the definition is somewhat misleading for this particular title of Pearl Abyss, which was first shown with gameplay trailer On the occasion of Gamescom 2021.

During the opening night, this long video was shown which also showed different sections of DokeV’s gameplay, which looks like a rather interesting title, also featuring a strange graphic style that alternates with Caricature to the graphic accuracy of rendering materials and realistic landscapes, creating an eerie contrast.

DokeV strange stages Work in a third person It takes place in a fantasy world, where creatures called Dokebi coexist with humans. These Dokebi can be collected and used in different ways during battles.

It’s not entirely clear what the gameplay dynamics are, but it’s possible to see sections of exploration alternating with action-style combat. archer In the third person, with the capture and use of creatures that will be used in turn. Waiting to understand something more, let’s see the first DokeV promo.

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