Coronavirus, three non-radical doctors from Trentino are under “trial” by order. Iwobi: “We must ensure the health of patients. The vaccines are safe and effective.”

Trento. After an issue Doctor Trentino Borgo Valsugana Who appeared in a video questioning the effectiveness of vaccines, Three other fellows ended up in the crosshairs From Doctors of Trentino. “When we receive a report – the president explains Marco YobeWe have an obligation to start the hearings To verify the information gathered. Then you go to the medical committee where The attitudes of the reported physicians will be evaluated If it is found to be inconsistent with the principles of the law of order, measures will be taken. “

Therefore, the three physicians concerned should be heard by the medical committee, made up of other colleagues, which will be called to comment on the benefits. According to what was rebuilt And three doctors are corrupt (Members of the Order of Trentino but not all of them work in the county territory), It has been reported by some patients and professional bodies From other provinces Because of their positions against vaccines.

“Our system gives the exact guidelines – Ioppi stresses – that dictate What behaviors should be in relation to every medical work and therefore on vaccinations as well. Vaccines are an indispensable tool for protecting health e The doctor is required to promote the health of citizens. Therefore, as long as scientific evidence continues to show that vaccines are safe and effective tools, we must make them available for everyone to beat the epidemic. “

The positions of the doctors will be different: there will be cHello.It is suggested to patients that vaccines are not helpful Or even dangerous, But also those who, in addition to their reluctance to vaccinate the sick, He declares against him, citing reasons that blatantly contradict the scientific evidence. “Science is an area that is constantly evolving – says Ioppi – and we must be open to progress but that Does not mean to question the evidence Groups yet that tell us that Vaccines are a useful, safe and effective tool to stop a pandemic. I will reduce serious deaths and complications. The argument otherwise is being out of touch with reality. Citizen – the president concludes – can also oppose it, however Doctors have a specific mission Who gives him the command thus They must ensure the health of the sick, otherwise they will be excluded. ”

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