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Developers The WhatsApp continue working New Jobs And to modify and improve others, already in the testing phase. As always, these are the functions that will not immediately reach the official and stable applications, the ones that are updated through the Play Store or the App Store, but the features that may arrive in the future or even never.

But, as the saying goes,One clue is evidence, two clues are coincidence, but there are three clues for that“As far as I am Voice messages on WhatsApp Beta we’re already in The second evidencePossibility: After the introduction in the Android beta app, which happened about ten days ago Accelerate playback of audio notes (A very useful post, if our interlocutors don’t have the knack for tuning), now in Trial version for all Android This modernity was confirmed and even developed for the better. In fact, in the latest WhatsApp beta app, it is not only possible to speed up playback of voice notes, but you can also choose how much to do it. Possible Operating speedIn fact, they have become three.

WhatsApp voice: 1X, 1.5X and 2X speed

With the new feature being tested upon receiving an audio message, you can turn it back on Original speed (1X), twice (2X) or one and a half times the original speed (1.5%). The speed between them may seem like an unnecessary option, but it actually changes everything and is the true benefit of this feature.

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This is because some people, even when recording WhatsApp voice messages, speak faster than others. If the voice coming from these people is too long and we want it. ”FasterDoubling the playback speed can, therefore, render it Not understood. In such a situation 1.5X is the correct speed: The sound lasts a little, but still understandable.

Let’s think for a moment about the classic use of voice messaging and understand how useful 1.5% speed can be: if we are speaking through voice messages, then our hands are likely to be full or We can’t stop for a moment To read and respond. For example when we are walking in the city, while we are doing our daily tasks and there is a lot more Background noise. It might become very difficult to hear a reproduced vowel at 2X in such a case if the hubs speak quickly.

When the new feature arrives

As mentioned earlier, this is a phased job Exam The only beta app for Android. But it is also the second clue, pending the third that can be a test of the same function onAn experimental application for iOS Or another Android improvement.

On the other hand, it attests that the functionality is useful and in demand by users through the fact that when it was first listed in recent days, it lost He answered positively, Due to the fact that the competing app cable Provides the ability to accelerate voice message playback Since 2018.

Not to mention that everyone now throws himself on audio messages (Even Twitter) And that WhatsApp starts on Feel the competitors’ breaths on the neck.

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