New CEO of The News Teller under scrutiny for alleged tabloid hacking cover-up

Former editor of The Daily Telegraph and former publisher of The Wall Street Journal, Will Lewis, is facing accusations of leading a cover-up of criminal activity while working for News Corp. during the notorious hacking scandal involving the company’s British newspapers. Lawsuits filed against News Corp. claim that Lewis was involved in a conspiracy to delete millions of potentially damaging emails and to protect the CEO of the company’s British arm from scrutiny.

Even high-profile figures such as Prince Harry and actor Hugh Grant have come forward, accusing Lewis of playing a pivotal role in efforts to minimize the fallout from the hacking scandal. However, Lewis firmly denies these allegations and has not been personally sued as part of the ongoing litigation.

The allegations against Lewis have sparked concerns regarding his recent appointment as CEO and publisher of The Washington Post, the renowned newspaper with the slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Critics argue that Lewis’s alleged involvement in a cover-up of criminal activity raises questions about his suitability for such a significant position within a newspaper that prides itself on shedding light on matters of public interest.

Since the hacking scandal was exposed in 2011, News Corp. has paid approximately $1.5 billion in associated judgments, settlements, legal fees, and other related costs. This staggering figure underscores the seriousness of the criminal activity that occurred within the company.

Despite these controversies, Lewis is still scheduled to assume his new role at The Washington Post in early January. His appointment has generated a great deal of discussion and debate among media and journalism professionals, as well as the general public, who are keen to see transparency and accountability in the industry.

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As the hacking scandal continues to cast a cloud over News Corp.’s reputation, it remains to be seen how Lewis’s involvement, or lack thereof, will affect his future endeavors at The Washington Post. Many are eagerly monitoring the situation and hope that the truth will ultimately prevail, ensuring that journalism remains a pillar of democracy rather than a tool for deception.

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