The News Teller: Experimental Treatment for ALS Gains Attention, FDA Expresses Skepticism

FDA Considers Approval of Experimental Treatment for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently mulling over the approval of an experimental treatment for Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The treatment in question, named NurOwn, has garnered significant attention from patients who have been lobbying for its approval for several years.

Despite the patients’ efforts, FDA regulators have expressed reservations about the treatment’s efficacy, stating that it hasn’t been demonstrated to be effective yet. The agency has also expressed longstanding concerns regarding the evidence presented by the drug manufacturer, Brainstorm. However, ALS patients remain hopeful, highlighting recent FDA approvals of other ALS drugs that did not meet the traditional approval standards.

To assess the treatment’s effectiveness, the FDA will hold a meeting where federal advisers will listen to scientists, company researchers, and patients before casting a non-binding vote. The final decision on the therapy will subsequently be made by the FDA later this year.

Supporters of NurOwn, including ALS patients and their families, emphasize the urgent need for new treatments and the potential to transform ALS from a fatal disease into a chronic condition. However, the ALS Association has refrained from endorsing Brainstorm’s bid for approval and has expressed concerns about the data presented by the company.

Critics of the potential approval worry that accepting less rigorous evidence from drugmakers could establish a hazardous precedent for future drug approvals. Their concerns lie in the potential compromise of safety and efficacy standards.

The decision on whether NurOwn will be approved by the FDA remains uncertain as regulators continue to debate the treatment’s effectiveness. ALS patients and their families eagerly await the outcome, hopeful for a breakthrough in their battle against this devastating disease.

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