Loss of funds, how and when to act in case of rejection of the application

Negative outcome or suspension of the application for the lost fund is not a far-fetched hypothesis. Here’s how to do it in these cases.

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Access to grants is not automatic. And also because, except for the right acquired in terms of requirements, there is a procedure to be respected which, in case of defects, can lead to delay. Something more than just a possibility. In some cases, in fact, it may happen that requesting access to non-reimbursable grants causes some slowdown and ends up being ignored or suspended. In this circumstance, it is necessary to understand what the actions are.

The problem can be solved simply by submitting a new application, which will nevertheless have to comply with those requirements that, at the initial application stage, you failed to meet. The procedure remains the same: once the request is submitted, The Revenue Agency will assign a protocol numberThen start the necessary checks. In the event of a negative request, a rejection receipt will be issued. In the event of data inconsistency, new scans will be suspended. Nothing, of course, will happen in the case of a positive result, if not to issue a receipt.

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Money lost, negative result: when to send the new order

First of all, deadlines must be observed. To speed up the appointments, please note that it is possible to check the application result on the revenue agency portal, By accessing the designated area for non-repayable contributions. From here, go first to “Billing and Fees”, then to “Non-reimbursable Contribution”, and finally to “Consultation Outcome”. However, the deadline for submitting a replacement application is September 2, 2021. This means that in the event of a negative result, it will be necessary to expedite. Remember, however, that there are at least three basic rules.

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In any case, the new application may only be submitted if the original application has been processed or suspended, or if it is rejected. Should a final result be reached, it will only be possible to proceed with one application for a waiver, even after the September 2 deadline. In the off and negative cases, It will be necessary to maintain the motivation of the entity. If there are errors in the data, the new instance will be used for debugging. There may be other circumstances associated with inconsistencies in tax returns, periodic VAT settlement communications, or data obtained via electronic invoices. In this case, the taxpayer will have to check the nature of the errors, both in the returns themselves and in the processing at the application stage. In the first case, it will be necessary to remove the obstacle by the deadline and then send a new instance.

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