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Not only Cut 164,970 vaccine doses. In the balance is up over 29% of the supply starting today, according to a Pfizer ad. But also distributing the damage between regions can create a dangerous competition mechanism. The smallest, six in everything from Abruzzo to Umbria, are nothing to lose. But others have a problem, such as Friuli Venezia Giulia where doses will be halved, or Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, where 25,000 fewer will arrive. As a result, many regions are slowing down the rate of administration, while giving priority to recoveries, such as Friuli-Venezia Giulia. While there is a risk of slipping into the vaccination of people over the age of 80, with reservations starting today.

Yesterday the American multinational company officially responded to the complaints To the emergency commissioner, Domenico Arcuri, who requested that the doses not be cut and threatened legal action. But Pfizer’s email certainly doesn’t close the case, as it remains vague. Contrary to what was stated in the press release on Saturday, it does not indicate a specific date for resuming supplies at full capacity. The message only states that “according to current information, supplies will be in line with expectations”. Very general and above all without the date February 25, which was previously designated as the day of return to normality.

In Commissioner Arcury’s structure, Pfizer’s message has been received with some puzzlement. Because it is correct, it was indicated that “there is first evidence of change but it has not been clearly stated that the handovers will resume as envisaged in the contract”. The lack of “raises concern and implies that there are no conditions for considering the conflict hypothesis closed.” It all depends on what happens on February 25, whether or not it really returns to standard supplies. Certainly, it cannot be said that there is a climate of mutual trust.

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For several days – Italian government sources confirm – there have been suspicions of cuts and delays The supplies are not due to the modernization of the Belgian plant in Bors, as the company claims. But the fact that Pfizer diverted part of the flasks destined for the European Union to non-European countries, is willing to pay more. Arcuri does not deny: “I can not answer, I can smile at you,” he answered on TV a question on this point. However, Pfizer itself has always disproved this hypothesis. The company reiterates that everything is due to the factory upgrade in Belgium. And that is, indeed, these interventions are necessary to increase vaccine production from 1.3 billion to 2 billion doses, as announced just over a week ago. Several large companies, in Italy and abroad, have polled their governments and the European Commission to see if they can buy vaccines themselves, in order to vaccinate their employees. However, this practice is prohibited under the confidentiality of contracts signed by the European Commission. Yesterday, the first announcement was made in support of the vaccination campaign launched by Giuseppe Tornator. Next will be around youth.

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