Is ‘Oregon’ on Steam receiving new updates, will the PC port be announced soon? –

As reported on our pages in May, in a database steam A mysterious game has appeared with the codename “Oregon” which, save for incredible coincidences, is PC version of Returnal, PlayStation exclusive by Housemarque. Since then, the order has been received regularly New updates Which suggests that we are slowly approaching an announcement by Sony with an attached post.

page link SteamDB Oregon reports many updates in its history on an almost daily basis. For example, one of them arrived about 2 hours ago, while the version published yesterday, Thursday, July 8, 2022, added localization of Steam achievements in 19 different languages, including Italian.


As shown in previous news, there are always gods in the update history the reviewer It’s fairly obvious that they’re referring to a PC return port. In fact, terms like “Atropos” (the planet the game is on), “Co-Op”, “Daily Challenge” (both included in the game), and “Tower of Sisyphus” (or Sisyphus Tower introduced with an update a few days ago) are mentioned. Months). In the tags instead, we find terms like “third-person shooter,” “sci-fi,” “rogue-like,” “shooter,” “female heroine,” and “third person,” to name a few, which Fits perfectly with Returnal.

Thus, the idea is that the developers complete the final touches (translation is usually one of the last steps), so Sony can soon officially reveal the Returnal port for PC. we will see.

In the meantime, Housemarque is working on a new IP, which looks like it could use some of Returnal’s neglected studio ideas.

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