Alitalia 4,000 redundant, 200 pilots. Ticket status: There is a solution

It closed, at least politically, the complex European game ETA Alitalia With the green light for the process, the most sensitive on redundancy, and more generally, on the hiring structure ETA. With the exception of surprises, the tri-color company will start with a fleet of about 55-60 aircraft, to reach more than 70 next year in the “summer of 2022”, and occupy about 4,500 aircraft. employees. But what about the rest of the old Alitalia employees? ETA, as explained in Brussels by the Minister of Economy Daniel Franco, You’ll get nearly all of the aviation part, or about 1,100 pilots, with 200-290 commanders and early officers who will remain parked in the old company, perhaps in Cig or protected by other forms of social parachute. It is clear that everything will depend on the number of aircraft and their gradual entry into service. The larger the fleet, the fewer sacrifices on the personnel front.

More than 2,200 flight attendants will receive service with the new carrier, while just under a thousand will remain pending, always in the company under extraordinary management or, as Etihad hopes, will be absorbed by state railways or other carriers. Layoffs will have to be managed – trade unions have repeated many times – and layoffs avoided, but with all available social safety nets adopted. Certain forms of early retirement are already being studied by the Ministry of Labor, but it will be necessary to deal with the costs borne by the state.

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Whoever will suffer from the reorganization, to put it mildly, will be the employees who will suffer the harsh cuts. The new company will, in fact, be very flexible, agile and inexpensive, and thus follow the dictates of the European Union Commission. Of the 1,700 workers currently employed in the Fiumicino Building and in the branch offices (baking, administration, management control, etc.), about 1,200 workers will have to find relocation outside the perimeter of the company, given that only about 500 will be able to aspire to a place in New reality.

Alitalia, Assoutenti: Protecting the Rights of Those Who Have Already Purchased Tickets

Alitalia, at the moment half the salaries: for the second tranche of a 100 million loan from the Treasury

The poles

A more difficult speech regarding the two new companies that will arise from the Alitalia unloading.
The maintenance sector (which currently has 1,400 employees) will see at least 600-700 technicians pass through ETA, while the remainder of the staff will become part of the pole that will be led by Atitech, a majority company that is preparing to expand further. The same applies to ground services (2,800 people) which will move, among other topics, to Dnata and Swiss, two giants in the sector that are already in Fiumicino and Linate. The numbers and personnel will be discussed in more detail in the coming days. A portion of the Ground Services – possibly around 100 units – will be purchased instead by Ita. The unions estimate that the surplus, the net deportations, will be around 4,000 units. The Social Partners, led by Fit Cisl, who has expressed herself very clearly through her secretary, Salvatore Belekia, is calling for robust protection to employment levels.

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Then Mezzi explained which Alitalia tickets would be sold or which had already been sold and their validity when ETA was launched. Certainly, ministerial sources confirmed that a solution will be found and that no one will lose his money or the booked flight. Enac is also working to determine the most effective way to protect occupants. However, the EU Commission is calling for a strong pause in the past and has already operated a beacon in the process.

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