New job offers are coming every day and here are some very tempting part-time and full-time even without experience

The job search never stops, even in the hottest month. There are those who are looking for something temporary to save the nest egg for the holidays. Then there are those who, unfortunately, find themselves out of work and need to get back on track immediately. Fortunately, there are many opportunities in the summer months, even temporary ones, that are always at hand.

Department stores and large chains are often looking for employees to hire in the summer months, due to the increased demand. Even chains of restaurants that are part of larger groups, like Cigierre, for example. In different chains, such as Old Wild West or Pizzikotto, yes It is also looking for new employees who do not have specific requirements.

New job offers are coming every day and here are some very tempting part-time and full-time even without experience

Today we will talk about some new ads that can be suitable for many, precisely because they do not require experience. Let’s start with a well-known chain of shoe stores, Bata. The chain is looking for employees in various stores in Italy, also in light of the new openings. The offer is also aimed at young people who are expected to get internships in different departments. Most of the vacancies are related to sales staff in the regions from North to South.

All about offers Part-time and full-time Among the requirements we find knowledge of English. But apart from this, strong business attitude, customer service orientation, dynamism and flexibility are required. To apply, simply search for the work with us section on the official website and apply for the offer that interests us. This can be done through the online form, by registering on the site or through a Linkedin profile.

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This clothing chain is also looking for employees

We are talking about the famous fashion chain H&M, the Swedish group has many open positions in different parts of the world. When searching for the dedicated section of the site, Carreers H&M, you can refer to the entire offer and filter the results. Entering Italy as the headquarters, there are different positions currently open in the different stores. Some of these contracts are full-time, others on demand, in shops in Naples, Perugia, Udine, Rome or Palermo. We click on the offer that interests us, read the information and place the order with one click. Simply fill out the form and upload your resume, or by contacting LinkedIn, Indeed or Smartr. There are no special requirements for a sales consultant profile and introduction and training plans are offered.

So, it is true that there are new job offers available every day, but you have to know how to research well. We check the entire company’s website to know immediately when new positions will open. Other than that, to stay updated, we check the websites of major temporary agencies.


This all-Italian giant hires staff for the summer months and the pay isn’t bad at all

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