“I don’t take it back.” But EU leaders dismissed him –

eve european summit in brussels The clash between Hungary and the rest of the Union over Homosexuality Law Passed by the Budapest Parliament. on one side 17 Heads of State and Government (including Mario Draghi) have signed an advertisement condemnation From any form of sexism, on the other hand Victor UrbanUpon his arrival in Brussels on the occasion of the summit, he confirmed this You do not intend to withdraw the sentenceIt is not considered discriminatory.

We do not have a homosexuality law in Hungary. We have a law that protects parents and children. The Hungarian Prime Minister said it is always better to read first and then respond. Orbán specified that he responded in these terms to leaders who criticized him, and indicated that he fought for freedom under the communist regime, including for gay rights. It is not about homosexuality, He insisted, declaring himself ready for comparison. But it will not withdraw the law that has already been approved and is in force.

Law, that It is forbidden to publish any content (books, movies, TV shows) intended for minors Contain any non-sexual message, which the European Union has accused through an official statement issued by the President Ursula von der Leyen. On the eve of today’s meeting I remember me Principles of non-discrimination They reiterate their adherence to the core values ​​listed inArticle 2 of the Treaty on European Union European. While not explicitly referring to what Hungary decided, the declaration states that we must continue to do so Fighting discrimination against the LGBT community. Respect and tolerance are at the heart of the European project… We will strive to ensure that future European generations grow up in an atmosphere of equality and respect. I will tell Urban that his laws are not acceptable and added when he arrived at the meeting on the day Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. Hungarian stupid law According to the Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Crooze.

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Criticisms of Europe have been joined by those whoHe. SheThrough a statement by the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Personally: No discrimination is acceptable under any circumstances and any kind of LGBT+ discrimination is not acceptable in our modern societies, he said, in response to some journalists’ questions.

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