I haven’t played Cyberpunk 2077 but it’s my favorite game of the year

Like many non-players, I have tried Cyberpunk 2077 Mostly through news articles and Twitter posts. And I must say – this is probably the best way to try it.

I mean, look – I’ve heard about this game for years, because a lot of my co-workers and friends are gamers. Everyone got all the hype! I had to delay Year-end package I was managing the project in order to accommodate it.

But almost after launch, it was there drama: Sony Check out the game from its store And I started to offer refunds! Microsoft Refunds are also offered! This is how it is Best buy And the Game hangs! Game maker staff, Red Projekt CDDisgusting! If your file becomes too large, it will be Be corrupt and useless! that Epilepsy warning! Digital Millennium Copyright Act strikes!

If there’s two things I love it’s drama and chaos, and boy does it Cyberpunk 2077 Both progress. There’s also this one, which I thought was a joke, but then when I read the replies to the tweet, I realized It was not a joke at all.

A friend of mine bought it the day he got out and basically got into a basement to turn on for a few days. He called it “Wonderful Mess”, but also said the weakest part is combat and “AI is as stupid as bricks.” Another can’t finish her side quest for Johnny and she is so angry about it. Like, it’s no grumpy irony: She’s hopeless Wants To meet Nancy at a goth club, but the NPC you’re supposed to talk to isn’t there. (Also, as a condition of using her story, she requested that I mention Judy as her wife.)

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Some drama around Cyberpunk Objectively Not funny at all: Overburdened developers And the Stereotypes of transgender people. Sister site ribbed It has gone as far as posting a standard disclaimer in every post about the game just for the sake of existence Much Happen here.

Before releasing Cyberpunk 2077Encountered CD Projekt red Checking reporters for their business practices, Particularly in relation to “crisis,” a term for long overtime hours that last for weeks or months. In spite of Past promises to the contraryThe company imposed Mandatory crisis On some employees. Cyberpunk 2077 It has also faced criticism for its marketing – in particular, the use of a Transsexual model in promotional poster, as long The volatile tone used in a lot of game ads and social media.

This thing is a ridiculous failure! My main conclusion is that the people who will enjoy this game the most are the people who know and love a large number of players, but are not gamers. And for us, the best part of the game is the glitches.

We’ve collected some of our favorite glitches into a group chat, and I’m going to share them with you right now. Fair warning: some of these are not safe to operate.

(Note: When I shared the next clip in our group chat, one of my friends replied, “I know exactly the intersection.” Cars always seem to explode there?)

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I like this game. Please never fix bugs too, please link your favorite glitches in the comments.

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