Sony’s repeated acquisition of Bluepoint games denied to be independent? –

Bluepoint Games It seems it was acquired by Sony, so it’s set to become a part of PlayStation Studios, but in the past few hours it seems the Texas team wanted to reaffirm the fact that they independentWhich makes it a little questionable.

It all started with an alleged tweet from PlayStation Japan, which appears to have come out inadvertently, with the announcement of Sony’s acquisition of Bluepoint Games and also the standard graphics used to announce these initiatives, like the one we saw on the occasion of announcing the inclusion of Housemark.

The team, recently responsible for Demon Souls for PS5, has been in Sony’s orbit for many years and is always among the prime suspects in the acquisitions the company could make, considering the many collaborations that have already been completed.

However, in the past few hours, it appears that Bluepoint Games wanted to strongly emphasize its independent core, considering that it did Edit his CV On the homepage of the official Twitter account with the phrase “Fully independent, self-funded studio”.

Likewise, some job postings have also been modified by adding “Independent studio” as a company feature. Obviously it can all be a given to keep Surprise For the possible announcement of the acquisition, which was accidentally leaked early on, but it appears that Bluepoint wants to confirm the status of an independent team.

Whatever happens, the truth is likely to be discovered very soon, as the alleged PlayStation Experience appears to be on its way in the next few days.

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