Few people know about the new private and hidden feature of WhatsApp which could change our lives forever

Very few people today do not have a smartphone. Because of this, most of us have now put calls aside, preferring to use WhatsApp. The latter is, in fact, more convenient, faster, and also allows you to call abroad at no additional cost.

Even in normal messaging it is seldom used and has been replaced by sound. Today we really want to talk about the latter. Few people know about the new private and hidden feature of WhatsApp which could change our lives forever.

The advantages of WhatsApp are countless

WhatsApp at first glance appears to be a simple and intuitive app to use. It really is. Its design is actually the pinnacle of ease of use and it allows users of all ages to use it without any kind of problem. However, there are some features that many overlook.

For example, it is possible to enlarge the text of messages or even activate the auto-dictate function that allows you to write and read them while you do something else.

But the tech giant is introducing a new feature that will make a lot of people happy. Let’s see what it is.

Speed ​​up voice notes

We are talking about improving vocal tones. It has been announced that a key will likely be available from an upcoming update to speed it up. Various types of speeds will be available. here they are:

  • Minimum speed: x1;
  • Average speed: x1.5;
  • Maximum speed: x2.

This way, most impatient people will be able to listen to the sound in the blink of an eye, let go of the useless parts and immediately reach the point of the concept. It will be possible to perform this procedure in both conversation Group and individual.

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Today we explained that few people know the new private and hidden feature of WhatsApp that can change our lives forever. If you are interested in discovering other cool features of the most popular instant messaging apps, just click Who is the: “Two very useful functions in WhatsApp that he does not use and knows of very few.”

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