Diablo 2: Resurrected, a video that compares it to the original Diablo II

Now that it’s alpha, the first videos for Diablo 2: Resurrection. One of these places prof Comparison This redesigned version of Blizzard’s hack’n slash RPG withThe original Diablo II. The results were reassuring.

In fact, the game manages to be very loyal to the game released in June 2000, and sophisticated and sophisticated enough not to distort modern computers and controllers. If we add to this game at all Faithful to the original, Which keeps the game mechanics and global balance unchanged, then we understand that we are facing a game that is potentially able to delight both old football and those approaching the series for the first time.

Diablo 2: Resurrection is developed by Vision Vice In association with Blizzard. Thanks to excellent work on polygonal patterns, particle effects and lights, the developers were able to revitalize and restore the magic of the game with a good 21 years on its shoulders.

Even the animation, although more fluid than in the past, is identical in effectiveness to the past. The same goes for levels, optimized from the point of view Aesthetic, Thanks to a higher level of detail, but structurally identical to the original.

Diablo 2: The Resurrection is expected to be released within 2021 On computers and consoles, but we should have more details at the end of this extensive testing period.

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